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My goal here is to provide the product you want. Part of that equation is helping you know what options are available. Digital downloads come in a variety of sizes. The intent for the image should guide your purchase option.

There are always exceptions, but in general, these are help guidelines.

For internet use on social media, use the 'web size' option.

For computer wallpapers or prints up to 12x18 (30x45 cm), use the '1 Mpix' option.

For plans on the BIGGER side of things, the original file is best. However, unless you plan on making a print larger than 12x18, inches, the other options are more economical.

If you have questions, or would like some help editing an image to make it closer to your vision, please use the contact bar at left.

Life is too short to hang ugly things on the wall, let's make sure it's pretty.